Television Archives of the Universe - Bonus

Other Recordings of the Universe
Release date: 10 September 2011
These 2 discs are a supplement to the "Television Archives of the Universe" DVD series,
covering Depeche Mode in the media from 2008 till 2010.
They contain not only TV broadcasts which are only available in low quality,
but also internet-only video files as well as radio broadcasts.

For a full list of the 534 files, visit our forum.
Cover and label: Screen resolution (72 dpi) | Print resolution (300 dpi)
Compiled and edited by: Angelinda
Thanks to:
Special thanks to:
All the people and fans who shared these files on the Internet
bongmute, inja, Monique67 and Riven for supplying additional files, info, and help
Depeche Mode Television Archives
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